Unable to Detach from Server

I have had multiple occurrences where I can not detach a Shared db from the server. I am wanting to add a Field but the Detach is not working.

Anyone else confirm this?

I had the same problem. You will not be able to detach from the server until the next release. For now, I just deleted the file from the server using the Server Admin window.

As Jeff mentioned, this is a known problem – I discovered it a few days ago. It was working for years, then I made what I thought was an unrelated change to this complicaed dialog and “whoops”, turns out I broke Detach. I have already fixed it and the fix will be in the next release, but until then there is no way to detach a shared database.

However, the good news is detach is not what you want anyway to add a field. Instead, what you want to do is use the New Database Generation feature.