Two odd behaviors: Help and Menu

At work today I was working on a database getting forms and procedures converted to PanX. At some point I opened the PanX help to look something up. If I typed in the search term, I got the list of choices. But when I clicked on one, all I got was the Help splash page. Tried several search terms and many clicks. Re-booted PanX and it worked fine.

Working at home a few nights a experimenting with menus. Everything seemed fine. The next day I happened to click on the PanX menu and got

If the graphic doesn’t come through, it is the standard PanX menu with I don’t know how many copies of:
file edit view(MEMBERSHIP)

I’m sure it is all my fault, but have no idea what I did in either case.

So the Help problem was transitory, what about the problem with the menu? Is that continuing, or did it go away?

Did this just start happening out of the blue? Does it happen with all databases or just one? Are you customizing the menus yourself (I realize you’re not trying to customize the Panorama menu, in fact, that menu cannot be customized, but what about the others). Does MEMBERSHIP RENEW THANKS mean anything to you? for example, do you have procedures by that name in the Action menu? What happens if you select one of these menu items (probably nothing, but maybe an error message?)

Actually, you say you were “experimenting with menus”. Perhaps you should tell us more about what you were doing.

The menu problem went away with a reboot of Pan X

Yes, Membership was a Menu I was creating and Renew and Thanks were menu items with it. As I didn’t notice until a day later, I can’t remember specifically what I was playing with. I was working with windowmenubar( rather than filemenubar) on a test form. The final code is below. I just ran it again, and it doesn’t create the problem.
I did not try any other DB’s after I noticed the problem.
No Procedures with same names in the Action menu
Did not try selecting

Windowmenubar “File Edit View -action -window”,
menuitem(“Renewals”,“CODE”,{message “Open Windows Dox Code”})+
menuitem(“Thank Yous”,“CODE”,{message “Open Windows Dox Code”})+
menuitem(“First Name”)+
menuitem(“Last Name”)+
menu(“MAILINGS”, “COLOR”,“00AAbb”,“STYLE”,“bold”)+
menuitem(“RENEW”,“CODE”,{message “Need Renew Process Code”})+
menuitem(“THANKS”,“CODE”,{message “Need Thanks Process Code”})+
menuitem(“SEARCH BY”,“SUBMENU”,“searches”)

Just noticed it as I was closing down and going to bed for the evening, so just grabbing a screen cap was the extent of troubleshooting.

Martin McCaffery

That’s really a weird problem. Normally the Panorama menu is the one menu that cannot be customized! It should not be user changeable at all, in fact it is kind of a big deal for me to make changes to that menu as it works completely differently than all the other menus (it really is managed by Apple, not by ProVUE’s code). In fact I wouldn’t know how to make that menu look like that if I wanted to, even using Xcode.