Trying to customize toolbar in Graphics Mode = crash

Running PanX 2648. High Sierra. When I select “Customize Toolbar” in Graphics Mode PanX shuts down. It works in Data Mode. Is that a known behavior?

Not here.

Ok. That’s interesting. If I create a ‘New Empty Database’ in PanX the customize option works. As far as I can tell all the databases that were imported from Pan 6 will crash when I try to customize.

I did some tests with migrated databases and can confirm your report. In my tests, it did not help either to recreate all forms in the database. Even in those recreated (new) forms a “Customize Toolbar” lets Pan X crash.

I cannot confirm this report. I was able to open a Panorama 6 database, go into graphics mode, and customize the tool bar without any problem.

For now, a possible workaround would be for you to create a new database and customize the toolbar there. Toolbar customization applies to all windows, so the customized configuration should apply to all graphics windows, whether old or new.

Ouch. I reported wrong. In a ‘New Empty Database’ I can get the customize dialog to op up, however, in Form View ‘Graphics Mode’ PanX crashes. In ‘Data Mode’ it works. So, sorry, there is no correlation to Pan6 transfer.

Either way, I cannot duplicate this problem. Customizing the tool bar works in both data and graphics mode, in both new databases and databases converted from Panorama 6. To double check, I just tried it with the 10.0.0 release version (earlier I had tried it with my latest development version).

FWIW: I opened a new empty database. I then opened an empty form. Choosing Customize Toolbar in graphics mode worked fine. Choosing Customize Toolbar in data mode crashed Pan X consistently. I tried it with four new empty databases.

System 10.11.6, Pan X v 10.0.0.

I’ll be happy to send a crash report.

I’ve already got crash reports from both you and Jeff. Using those, I found a possible source of intermittent problems. I can’t verify it for sure, since I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem on my computer, but I think there is a good chance that this may be fixed in the next release.

Great! Thanks