Trouble with labels in Pan 6

Dear Panorama/Provue,

We have an art gallery. Our inventory is listed in a Panorama 6 database so that I can print our wall labels and labels for the mats when they are off the wall.

Using Avery label 5162 we have been able to print the labels combining 14 fields into 9 lines of text. Alas, we no longer can. The font is now larger than specified so that lines extend into the next row and I can only fit 10 of my fields on the label, leaving me with no way to indicate the image size or the price and reducing me to an hysterical gibbering idiot!

Over the years we have purchased multiple copies of Panorama (we have at least 2 computers showing the works and backups on 2 others; we never have the same serial number running on more than one computer at a time)). I have just finished watching the video for Panorama X and we will probably feel a need to add several copies of it to our program library as soon as I find a way to make Panorama 6 functional again so life as we know it can continue.

I have tried to get both xxx and xxx to print my labels without success. Although I have set text size at 9 and font at Adobe Garamond and Times, I have had no success in duplicating labels I was able to print last week. Instead of showing my 12 fields (first name, last name, dates), (title, catalogue number), (medium), (year), (text), (text2), (text3), (text4), (text5), (image size), (price). Instead, what I get is 6 fields that print properly followed by 4 that run over to the line below and only allow me to see 8 of my fields, 4 of which are continued on a following line.

Please advise before I have a breakdown. I am about to hang about 150 art works on the walls
and I have no idea how to identify them. I have to mat 22 works and have no idea how to write labels for them.

P.S. We have Panorama 6, build 121629.

Have you updated your system since last week? Seems like you should be experimenting with other fonts, as apparently your font metrics have changed.
Bill Conable

First of all, I xxx’d your serial numbers since it can give their use to others.

You haven’t said a lot about how you’re going about it, but an easy shot is to put the form into Graphics Mode. Then go to the Edit menu and choose Select All Objects. That will ensure that you have everything with a font. Now try changing your font and/or sizes.

If that still doesn’t seem to work try UnGroup a couple of times to be sure they’re not grouped and less likely to respond to changes.

I tried several sizes and several fonts. Nothing works for my labels.

I am currently running Mac OS Sierra 10.1.1 (which suggests that it is a fairly new version). I haven’t received any messages to update yet, so it may not have affected non-Panorama users.

Thanks for deleting my serial numbers; I wasn’t thinking (just showing that I am not trying to use one Panorama program on multiple computers).

Panorama is a free-form database where one invents the fields needed and places them anywhere they can fit. The problem is that we have (as of this moment) 9414 art works in our database. I’m not sure how to work with that number.

In case I didn’t mention it before, my type size is 9 and I am printing onto an Avery 6142 removable label. The label itself is 1-3/8 x 4 inches.

(Corrected to properly represent Sierra as 10.12.1 and 10.12.2)

There’s an important piece of information. There have been a handful of people encountering issues with Panorama 6 on Sierra. Apparently Sierra 10.12.2 fixes it. See Sierra MacOS Upgrade

Also note:

Warning: Some builds of macOS 10.12 Sierra are completely incompatible with Panorama 6. When Apple added support for the new Touch Bar in macOS 10.12.1 (Build 16B2657), they made a change which made Panorama 6 completely inoperable (it launches, but behaves erratically). Apple fixed this problem starting with macOS 10.12.2 (Build 16C41B). If your computer is using one of the incompatible builds, you must upgrade it before installing Panorama 6.


Sierra is 10.12.x

Sierra is not 10.1.x

Please affirm the correct OS version that you are running.

Robert Ameeti
(949) 422-6866

You got me.

10.12.1 is what I’m running; waiting for 10.12.2 even though I’ve had no issues with Pan 6 or X.

I am trying to post a method of tracking this down, but I have run into a problem with the forum. So this may be a duplicate response:

I have tried making a test file and I am not seeing this problem. So I am wondering whether this may be something simpler than incompatibility with the OS.

First of all, you have given us two different Avery label sizes.

Are you using Text boxes or Text Display objects?

Could you post a picture of the tile in Graphic mode with all objects selected?

Thanks for your comments!

All of our labels are printed on Avery 5162 Laser Labels (14 labels per
sheet, 1-1/3"x4" actual size). All I use are text boxes. I’m afraid that I
do not know how to use graphic mode. I can photograph an image if that
helps, but it will have to wait a few days—I’m in the process of taking
down one show and hanging another.

I have been using Panorama since version 2 and am presently using version 6
(though I will probably switch to version X when it appears). I have never
had a problem until I upgraded to the newest version of Sierra 10.12.1.

My problem is that I am really not a computer person except in the most
basic sense. I use Safari, Panorama, MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe GoLIve
(on an older computer running an earlier system for my website).From 1969
until 2004, I was a professor of English at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. Most of my computer time was spent in MS Word, which I
used to write one book, edit 5 books, write 23 articles and prepare scripts
for 38 lectures at conference. Since I retired in 2004 (we fell in love
with an old church in Upton MA and bought it—all 8000 square feet of it)
and both live in it (lower level) and show art from the late 15th-century
to the present. The show I’m presently talking down (Surrealism) has 186
works in it; the new show (paintings, drawings, and original prints by
Gérard Titus-Carmel) will have fewer but larger pieces.

I meant Graphic Design Mode. You are in it when you make the label.

I suspect that you may have forgotten how to use Graphic Design Mode properly. You need to be in it, choose your text box, and then change the font size.

You may want to just make a new form and see if that works, in case the one you have been using has gotten corrupted. Just choose New Form… from the View menu, name it, and choose Quick Label. Choose Avery 5162 from the pop-up of choices. Fill out Page Setup for your printer.

Then you will get to the Mailing Label Layout box, where you can arrange your text in the way that you like it. Type in any text, and add fields whenever it is appropriate. You can choose your font and size there, but you can change it later. Once you have filled out that and clicked “OK”, you will have your new label form.

You should preview it and see if it works right. If you need to make changes, you can change the font size by clicking on the text box, and then clicking on the font size at the bottom of the form. If you need to edit the text, click on the Text tool in the palette, and you can edit until it is right. Check it with Preview, and then save.

Problem solved! I created anew label from scratch, printed it out, and all
of my fields printed. Now I am happy.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions on how to deal with it. I have no
idea why it happened—last week everything was fine; this week I couldn’t
print. Finally, I decided to go back to the beginning and start over. After
a bit of trying to remember how I created the label form to begin with, I
succeeded and the labels printed just in time for me to begin hanging our
new show of works by the French artist Gérard Titus-Carmel.