Trouble printing a matrix

So I have a matrix that populates pictures and text. When I print it the matrix prints blank. Meaning the lines and the title on the form print but all the information that populated in the matrix does not print out. I have tried Command + P to print as well as creating a print button in my form with code. It shows up correctly in print preview but still prints blank. This is what my matrix and form looks like on the computer for reference. Any ideas?

I’m pretty sure that this is a problem I reported quite a while back; don’t have time to look for it now, but at the time there was no answer and I eventually had to give up on the project…

Oh man. Yeah I tried a cursory search of the discussion forum and didn’t see anything promising.

Yes, you reported this a bit over 2 years ago, and about four months later it was fixed (about a year and a half ago). So printing of matrix objects should work.

It works when using Print Preview but not printing??? The code for Print Preview is exactly the same as the code to print, so that would be very, very strange.

Your screen shot doesn’t show a data tile. Is there one? The current version of Panorama X has a bug and will not print properly without a data tile, so perhaps that is the problem.

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I’m fairly certain this is a problem I’ve had with X (I’ve had a number over the months, and they tend to blend together). On the computer the object will be clearly seen, but on the FORM you have to make certain it’s on the TOP layer, or it gets hidden.
Or it could be that my problem was related to the fact that in P 6 and it’s antecedents of yore I set up outline boxes on the form to contain information text fields and now you can simply command the text to have a border and the old boxes were translated to NOT be hollow and therefore covered the text…like I said, problems get blendy… Just be sure the damn object is in the front, that might work.

I appreciate the suggestions @admin. I have removed the scroll bar and added a data tile, however neither of which worked. @rsfullerton I tried to look but I’m not sure how to make sure the matrix is on the top layer. Any other ideas or more direction that can be given?

You said it works when you preview – so that means you can save a correct output to a PDF file? What happens if you print that PDF file?

Okay, so I actually looked up “Matrix Object” to see what the hell it was…veeeeryyy innerestin’… Never had call to create one myself, as I don’t keep an inventory and use Panorama(s) in other ways. HOWEVER, an object is an object is an object, I assume, even in buggy ol’ “X”, and by definition if you change one of the suckers they all have to follow suit…so I’d open the form with the objects, shift to graphics mode, select a single matrix object, go up to the “Objects” menu in the menu bar, drop it down, slide on down to “Arrange”, select “Bring to Front” from THAT popup, exit graphics mode, hit print, and stand back. If that doesn’t work, you’d best ask someone who can write code…:slight_smile:

That worked @rsfullerton! Thank you !!!

You’re most welcome.