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Hi everyone! My father-in-law (who told me about Panorama X in the first place) has a license and is a member of this forum. However, he does not see the “New Topic” button - it doesn’t show up in below his avatar as mine does. He’s tried Chrome, Safari, and Brave browsers with and without VPN. Does he need to connect his account to software license or some such thing in order to post? Photo attached, and TIA for any help.


If your father-in-law is who I think he is, he’s a newcomer. He hasn’t read enough posts while logged in for his trust level to rise to basic. It used to be that the forum software limited newcomers to 3 new topics. Now it appears to be 0. They can reply to existing topics but they can’t start new ones.

I went ahead and gambled that he is who I think he is and raised his trust level to basic, so he should be able to post a new topic now.

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Terrific, thank you, I will let him know.

Thank you David.

FYI to anyone wondering about this, I believe the Discourse software has this policy to keep spam and bots out of the forum. I’m not sure what the exact policy is, but new users can’t just create an account and start posting. They don’t have to do much got get the trust level raised to basic, just read a dozen or so posts, I think. But if you just create an account and immediately try to post a question, it won’t let you. We’ve had very little problem with spam and bots on this forum, so I think the Discourse people have done a good job of this. We do get 2 or 3 new users a year that run into this, usually they contact us privately and we raise the level, as Dave has done here. It’s unfortunate when that happens but I think worthwhile for a “graffiti free” forum experience.

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Completely agree!

Not my first time on a forum, so I figured that’s why I couldn’t post a new topic. However, I downloaded the trial version of PanoramaX and have only 7 days to figure out whether it will work for me. Running Big Sur on a new iMac. Can’t get Find or Sort to work on an imported database; they revert to the trial/register window. I’m thinking from the lack of reviews online as well as the very dated comments that PandoraX isn’t actively supported anymore? Too bad, it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. Any info about this (and possibly suggestions for an alternative) would be appreciated.

Most of the recent posts are in a category that is available only to beta testers, so if you aren’t a beta tester the forum won’t look like it is as active as it is.

I’m not using a trial version, so I can’t speak to any limitations there might be there. I didn’t think there were any, and it might be due to a bug.

Version 10.1 actively supported, version 10.2 soon to be released with wonderful new features. I don’t know why find and support aren’t working for you, they’re standard and defining parts of Panorama since the very beginning.

Someone said there seem to be server issues and the server simply may not recognize me as a trial user.

Good to know that PanoramaX is active. I’ve been Googling databases and only found 1 relatively obscure reference to it. Awfully surprising, considering that everything else is too big and complicated (and expensive), too simple, or too poorly documented for my needs.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming soon. As you’ll see, development has been very active, it just hasn’t reached the public stage yet. Note that August 2 is the release date for the latest beta version, not the final public release.

It’s very difficult to get any coverage for Mac apps these days. Thanks for persisting and locating us.

However, several relatively crappy databases are getting multiple good reviews. Go figure.