Trouble exporting PanX data to be imported into Pan6

I am trying to export some data out of PanX into a text file that can be read and imported by Pan6. To export I used the following commands:

local fileChoice
savedialog fileChoice
export fileChoice, tab() + First + tab() + FullName + tab() + tab() + tab() + tab() + tab() + Email, cr(), “Mac OS Roman”

The resulting text file can be opened with PanX or Apple Numbers, so it seems to have been created propertly. However, I can’t get Pan6 to import the file

To import into Pan6 I used the following commands:

Local folder,filename,type, typelist
type = “TEXT”
typelist = “”
openfiledialog folder,filename,type,typelist
if filename=""
stop //* the user pressed the CANCEL button */
openfile “&”+folderpath(folder)+filename

I get a Panorama 6 error message saying:

Sorry, only Panorama, OverVUE, or TEXT files can be appended.

Any ideas?

Does the file have an extension of .txt ?

As Robert notes, your file exported out of Panorama X must have the .txt extension for it to be recognized in Panorama 6 as a text file. Panorama 6 has two ways to identify a text file. The first is with the .txt file extension and the second is if it has a Type code of “TEXT”. When exporting in Panorama 6, the file did not need an extension because it had the embedded Type code of “TEXT” included - as was the practice in those olden days. Panorama X no longer uses TYPE/CREATOR codes in the exported files so all files are identified solely by their file extension as is the practice across all applications today.