Transpose Rows and Columns

In Google sheets one can transpose rows and columns, so that rows (records) become columns and columns (which were daily records) become rows. Is it possible to do that when importing CSV file, or once the data is imported?

Sorry, Panorama does not have a transpose rows vs. columns capability.

Ok, thanks for the quick response, Jim. Best wishes, Pete

Excel also has this feature. You may have to do the Tranposing in Excel or Google Sheets before bringing it in.
Of course Panorama could do it with a bit of work and a bit of looping, but nothing built in as already noted. You’d be grabbing the first array element off of the Import() with ImportCell() as many times as there was columns to create the first record, then the 2nd array element, etc.

Thanks for your input, Robert. I did it in Numbers and since I only have to do it one time, no need to try and learn arrays at my old age. I never got the hang of them (arrays) in the first go around for some reason, probably my “liberal arts” mind, rather than math mind, despite the fact that I taught Calculus for a year in prep school…ha, ha.