Transforming Clipboard Data to be equivalent to "Paste As -Unformatted

In transitionning from Pan 6 to Pan X I have a procedure that works perfectly well in Pan 6 but does not work in Pan X.

I suspect that it may have something to do with ASCI Characters in Pan 6 to Unicode.

The procedure takes data copied from my browser that simply copies company details that Google offers when you search for a Company address and other details. I then paste it into the database and the fields of Company Name, Address, and phone number are automatically propegated to the correct fields.

An example is below. If I copy it it gets all messed up in this Topic.

BUT, if I first past the data into a text document using “Paste As —Unformated Text”, then copy that back to the clipboard, I can use the same procedure in Pan X and it works flawlessly.

This is what the data looks like after the “Paste As —Unformated Text”, then copied back to the clipboard.
-------------------------------------------------------- To delineate what data looks like.

Food Market

Marketon operates 5 full line supermarkets in the neighboring state of Nevada, with 4 stores in Las Vegas and 1 store in Reno.




Address: 2475 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States

Phone: +1 702 942 8000

I have tried striptoalpha( and striphtmltags( but that does not solve the issue.

Is there a function in Pan X that can do the equivalent of taking data from a Web Browser and reformatting it like it was pasted as a “Paste As --Unformatted Text” and then copied?



I think you’re looking for striphtmltags(

Thanks James.

I meant Paste As - Unformatted".

But yes, I have tried that in the procedure and it does not help.

But if I copy from the browser, go to a text document, and then “Paste As —Unformatted”, then copy it back to the clipboard, then execute the procedure it works!

I have edited my post for the stupid mistake I made.


I find that an essential utility for the Mac is Get Plain Text, available from the App Store. Check that out. It is freeware, but you can give the developer a tip.

I opened the page you linked to, did a select all then copy, then ran this one line procedure in Panorama X:

displaydata clipboard()

The result looks like perfectly fine plain text to me.

I assume your code is parsing this text to extract the address, phone, etc. I don’t see anything that would prevent you from doing that.

(I would note that this parsing/extracting is sure to be an incredibly fragile process, that may break at any moment if the web site changes the format of their page, which websites often do.)

Thanks Bruce.

I tried it out. No luck.

It’s strange. In Pan 6 it still works. There must be something hidden there causing the problem.

If I figure it out I will let you guys know.

Maybe if you shared with us the code you are using someone might be able to provide further assistance.

When things worked in Panorama 6 with the clipboard involved and no longer work in Panorama X my first thought is the change from carriage returns to line feeds with the current operating systems. I would try the lftocr( function on the direct clipboard content … lftocr(clipboard()).

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That Solved it Gary. Thanks.

Jim, thanks for offering to look at my code. This saves me the embarrassment of sending it to you! LOL

I certainly agree that using that procedure is somewhat fragile. My justification is:

  • It saves me a lot of time vs. keying in details Missionary Style. I copy, move to Panorama, click one button and 9 fields are propagated.
  • The Format has been rather stable with the Google Address. Perhaps because Google is so big and entertwined.
  • I am not smart enough to figure out a better way! You can take that one to the Bank!

It also works with DuckDuckGo search engine.

I made a PDF summary of unprintable characters in the three ways I tried to use the clipboard data. But I can’t seem to upload it.

Thanks again everyone. Jim, Gary, Bruce, and James.




Thanks again for that lftocr(clipboard()) tip.

I have some other procedures that worked like a charm until I went to Pan X.

I just got another one to work after hours of debugging.