Transfer between computers

Does anybody have a ready-made (UNIX, AppleScript, whatever) Panorama X-invoked procedure for programmatically transferring a folder and its contents from one Mac to another?

Gary will probably whip one up over his breakfast cereal :slight_smile:

If the drive on the other computer is mounted on your computer (via file sharing, for example), then it is the same as copying a folder within the same hard drive. This will also work using DropBox, or probably iCloud Drive. You could just use the copyfolder statement. I’ve been using that to copy stuff to other computers in my testing of Panorama X Server (for example to copy an updated build of the application to a test computer). When the computer is on my local network I just mount it via file sharing. If it is remote I use DropBox.

Thanks Jim - I’ve never got around to sharing computers but I’m sure it’s not hard.

Possibly a little more than you’re looking for but I use ChronoSync to keep folders on a few of my Macs all up to date. I can work on files on one computer, then have it get the others synchronized so I can work with current files on any of them. Much of the time I manually trigger a defined sync, but I also have scheduled syncs that run daily with some major backups running weekly.

It’s pretty easy. Here is Apple’s official support document.

Thanks again Jim.