Total function stopped working

I had been using the total function for simple tally or a large number of items, approximately 650, then the next time I tried it the Field tab highlighted but nothing occurred. I also tried the Total option under the Analyze option of the Field tab to no luck. I don’t know enough to guess what’s going wrong. Anyone have any experience or ideas to try?

I haven’t found a way to make it not work, but I may have found a way to make it look like it doesn’t work. If the database doesn’t already have a summary record to receive the total, it will make one, and that record will become the active record. The database will scroll if necessary to make that summary record visible. It will be easy to see that something happened.

If the database already has a summary record, the total will go into that summary record, but the record that was active before the total command will still be active. If the summary record can’t be seen without scrolling, it could appear that nothing happened, because the only change that occurred , occurred below the bottom of the window. You would need to scroll the window to see the result.

You might try adding a LastRecord command, right after the Total command.

Thanks for that info, it turns out that I had not erased the previous total that I thought I had. I found the summary record at the end of the db, deleted it and was able to get a total again! I need to spend some more time with the documentation.