Toolbar icons cheatsheet

I’d like to have a quick button/icon in toolbar to Copy and Paste records. Duplicate is there, and Insert, etc. When I look at the customize toolbar set of icons, I don’t know what a lot of them are, and can’t find a way to see that or an index or icon legend. Probably there somewhere… Some of them look like apothocary symbols, or astrological signs.

Or can I create my own buttons with just text, say for Copy Record and Paste Record? As y’all know, copy and paste record buttons were in the sidebar in Pan6.

You overlooked the popup menu where you can decide to show text and icons.
You are using the setting “Icon only”.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-05 um 00.08.43

While it seems there are no toolbar icons for copyrecord and pasterecord, these are valid statements. So you can create procedures with just one of these statements and give it a hot key.

You are limited with what you can put in the toolbar to only those shown - no custom tool icons or items. Although, as I’m sure you know but not as convenient, the Copy Record and Paste Record are easily available in the Records menu.

You might very well think I missed that, but in fact I have that setting on and in only affects the ones in my toolbar. I suppose I could run the unknowns into the active toolbar to see what name they display, but I didn’t feel like doing that.Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 5.22.13 PM

I can confirm that, but I am wondering why you are not having text in the “Customize Toolbar …” dialog. As you see in my screenshot, I am having icons with text there.

By the way: It seems the icons Run, Step, and Properties are a little bit misplaced even in the default toolbar set of the procedure windows.

I’m pretty sure I pay my bills on time. Maybe Jim just likes to needle me a bit from time to time in justified retribution. Probably have a special “build” just for me.


Thank you, this is a bug that no one ever noticed before. I believe I have figured out why this happens, and I have added it to the bug list. Now the puzzle is why it works for Kurt – it should not ever work on anyone’s system as far as I can see.

I’ve added this to the list for possible future inclusion. However, the biggest difficulty might be coming up with the artwork. In the meantime, these commands are in the Records menu.

On my system the Run and Step tools do not have this vertical offset seen in your screen shot, these tools look just fine (as you can see in the screen shots in the documentation).

On my system (MacOS 10.15.3) many more of those icons have that vertical offset. I append screenshots of the “Customize Toolbar …” dialog of the data sheet and a form window.

It definitely relates to the OS



Notice too that the Flexible Space and Space do have their text on 10.11 even though all others lack it. :thinking:

I was wondering why the icon list in the dialog did not have text, I fugured it was a “feature” that would be fixed in upcoming updates. BTW… when will we see the next updte? So much needs to be done!