Toolbar continues to hide

Not long ago, I found what seemed to be all of my db tables had no toolbars. One by one I have been using the Show Toolbar, Select All, modifying a cell, and then Saving. But alas, it seems that repeatedly a table comes up without its toolbar, with me trying again to get it to stick.

Is this only me? Is there a trick to get a toolbar to stick. I’ve not seen this before.

I haven’t seen this myself, and I know you know your way around Panorama. But is there any chance you have a specification for “NoToolBar” in some procedure that opens a form? I display almost all of my forms without toolbars and have that spec added to most of the open window or form statements.

I don’t want the tool bar in any file form. When I removed the tool bar items using the Customize Toolbar command in the Window menu for one file, it removed the toolbar from all files. Doing the opposite might restore it for all your files.

See windowmenubar in the help file.