Today's Zoom Session -- Orientation, 1 PM California Time

Today there will be just one session. The primary agenda will simply be verifying that everyone can successfully connect with Zoom and working out any issues with that, and also making sure everyone understands the basics of using zoom and how we will coordinate feedback and questions with such a large group. I will also attempt to answer any questions you have about the course itself, and will also discuss the planned roadmap from here to the final released version of Panorama X 10.2.

I’m sure there is a wide variety of experience in the group as far as working with Zoom, so I’ve made this little poll to find out where everyone stands:

Zoom Experience
  • I’m very familiar with Zoom
  • I’ve used Zoom at least once
  • I’ve never used Zoom

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Don’t forget, the Zoom link for this session will appear in the Live Course Calendar which you can access from the Help menu in Panorama X 10.2. Hopefully all of you have already downloaded and installed the new version, if not, please see the Start Here --> Welcome to the Panorama X 10.2 Online Courses! post.

I will probably post the Zoom link about 20 minutes or so before the session starts, in other words, at about 12:40 PM California time. If you have difficulty connecting to Zoom, please reply to this post. I will monitor this forum thread to see if anyone needs help.

In addition to verifying that everyone can connect, I would like to “go around the room” and let everyone that wants to introduce themselves. Many of you I’ve met before back in the MacWorld Expo days, but there are also many new faces. I realize not everyone will want to do this, and it is completely optional, but I hope many of you will share a bit about how they use Panorama, how long they’ve been using it, and whatever else you may want to share.

At a minimum, please drop in today long enough to verify that you can connect to the Zoom session properly. On Thursday I’m hoping any connection issues will already be resolved and we can dive into the main course material with no further ado.

See you in 11 hours!


Good morning Jim,
When I open the calendar, it says I’m not registered for any of the sessions. I am logged in with my account, so not sure what the problem is. I’m unlikely to be able to watch any of the sessions live - I’m planning to watch at my own pace as I find an opportunity - so no panic as you prepare for your launch. Good luck. Looking forward to it!

Are you restricted to only one machine? I see the Panorama X Live Course Calendar on the original laptop (eabolden) I originallyconnected with. I am trying to use my desktop machine (taxus) but I don’t see the Live course calendar on taxus. When I look at the list of machines, there is an old taxus and a current taxus, I don’t know if that matters. I am connected with the same email on both machines. I tried rebooting, and restarting panorama. Big Sur 11.1 on both machines. I can work on the laptop for today, but it would be helpful to have the other machine work.

when you first open Panorama, you may need to wait a bit for the Beta Authorized notification (about 20 seconds or so) before looking at the class list.

Ignore that - Quit and reopened, and the classes have shown up!

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If you downloaded and first opened Panorama X 10.2 Saturday night, before I sent out the announcement email, this can happen, because everything wasn’t ready on the server end. Panorama only checks what courses you are registered for when it launches, so if there is a problem, Quit and re opening is a good technique.

Hi, Jim - I cannot open Panorama X 10.2 - Big Sur (M1 MacBook Pro, 16GB) says that Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
Stanley Silverman

I only just downloaded it now, and tried redownloading it, but no luck in getting it to open.

try right-clicking or control-clicking on the icon and selecting open from the menu.

That worked - thank you so much!

The link for the Zoom session is now available in the Live Course Calendar, as 8 of you have already discovered! I’ll be along soon.

I cannot find the Zoom meeting information in my email. I tried to join a Zoom meeting with the ID, 399726493, but was told such a meeting does not exist.


Same thing here. Apple cannot check it so no launch.

If you hold down the control button while launching Panorama, it should work - it worked for me.

If you see this alert when launching Panorama X 10.2 –


Please follow the instruction I sent out, hold down the control key, click on the Panorama icon, choose Open from the popup menu.

You need to use the link in the Course Calendar. Launch Panorama X 10.2 and open the course calendar from the Help menu.

Then click Join Session.

When are you sending the link???

Waiting to be let in.

It’s been sent. Look at the arrow in the post above yours.

Do you have to download Pan 10.2 to get on the zoom meeting???