Today's upgrade problem

I just upgraded to the version now available. When I opened PanX today a window came up saying it was available. The update seemed to proceed OK but when It reopened it had changed many of my text fields from black text to red text. Is it possible to go back to the earlier version?
(See the picture of it I am attaching)

— Richard

Assuming all these objects are TextEditorObjects, they can be changed back to black as a group. I would guess that at some point in the past you might have tried changing the color of the text before it was supported in one TextEditorObject in the Appearance panel and then copied this TEO to the other positions and forgot the color was set to red since it didn’t show previously. To change all of the TextEditorObjects on the form to black at once use this procedure while the form is in data mode and the active window:

selectobjects objectinfo("class")="TextEditorObject"
changeobjects "color",htmlrgb("000000")

Yes, that worked. Many thanks.

— Richard