Today's First Zoom Session -- Instrumentation, 12:15 PM

Today there will be two sessions. Note that the start time of the first session is 45 minutes earlier than Tuesday’s session. We’ll go for about an hour, then break until about 2 PM when the Panorama Server Quick Start session will begin (the 2PM is only for those signed up for the server class, if you aren’t signed up for that it will not appear in your Live Course Calendar).

Once again, the Zoom link for this session will appear in the Live Course Calendar which you can access from the Help menu in Panorama X 10.2. There will be a second, separate link for the second session. I know almost all of you have already downloaded and installed the new version of Panorama X 10.2, if not, please see the Start Here --> Welcome to the Panorama X 10.2 Online Courses! post.

I will probably post the Zoom link about 15 minutes or so before the session starts, in other words, at about noon California time. If you have difficulty connecting to Zoom, please reply to this post. I will monitor this forum thread to see if anyone needs help.

As a final note, Tuesday was a really special experience for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was really fantastic to meet and/or recoonect with so many of you and hear so many of your stories. Even over the internet it was a really nice time. This was the first time I ever tried to record a zoom meeting, and there were some issue, so I haven’t been able to upload the recording yet. I think I will be able to put tother the pieces to get the recording up, but it may take a while. I think I know what to do to expedite the process for next time.

Still not seeing link for today’s session.

Not seeing hyper link today. Mick

link active now

It just now came up on mine. Refresh if you don’t see it now.

I am not seeing it either.

Press the refresh button. If that doesn’t work, hold the option key, and refresh.

Never got the link