TLO using variable data

There is a text list object that should be populated via a FileGlobal variable.
The variable is a return-separated array containing tab-separated elements.

The variable displays all the data, as expected, in a Text Display Object.

However, in the Text List Object, each line displayed repeats the data from the first element of the array.

Based on the tutorial/example in the “Help” section, this should “just work.”

Prolly something dumb I’m forgetting … :wink:

I vaguely remember reading about this at some point, but I cannot find the answer here I the forums … :man_shrugging:

TIA for any clues or suggestions. :slight_smile:

Some more data points.

If the following code is added to the “procedure” of the TextList object, then the correct data gets displayed in the message when a particular row and column is clicked.

So … what’s wrong with the list display itself? :thinking:

Message "Row: "+Info("MatrixRow")+cr()
  +"Col: "+Info("MatrixColumn")+cr()
  +"Data: "+Array(

I looked at some instance where I am using a Text List object.
I am using a formula that results in a one line array (in the Formula Workshop), but it populates the Text List object with a line for every record of my database. Activating the “Database Navigator” option brings me to the clicked record.

Maybe you have a database set in the Options pane. I believe you need this blank when using a variable or a text string entered in the Formula pane for a Text List Object.


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Gary beat me to what I think is the correct answer.

If a database is specified, you’ll see one row per database row. The formula can specify field names which will be displayed from each row. But since you specified a variable, you’ll just see the same information over and over again.


There was a “~” there … once I removed it , it worked.

Thanks for (both of) your help. :slight_smile:

That means “use the current database”, and works even if you rename the database. Or in this case, it doesn’t work even if you rename the database :rofl:

Exactly! :wink: