TimePattern quirk, perhaps

Did you ever notice that if you have a date pattern of “MM/DD/YY”, the month and day will have a leading zero for single digit months and days.

But if you have a time of 8:43:21, the time pattern “HH:MM:SS” will pad the hours with a space, not with a zero. On the other hand, “hh:mm:ss” will not pad the hours with a space for single digit hours.

That is kind of what I would expect. Military time would insist on leading zeros but standard time would not have a leading zero, yet the format is there for alignment.

A date on the other hand is all about the standards of full digits for alignment as well. A hang over from the old days.

If one wanted to substitute a zero for the space padding in the above, when present, add a replace function to your code, eg.
replace(timepattern(now()-7200,"HH:MM:SS")," ","0")

This is a good suggestion which I was going to make myself if you hadn’t already done so. However, why are you subtracting 7200? I suspect that you pulled this from some particular application you are using where you needed to subtract 2 hours from the current time, but I wanted to point that out for future readers who might be confused by this.

Oh, I see, you got this from Dave’s post in another thread. For future reference, the formula for displaying the current time with a leading zero would be:

replace(timepattern(now(),"HH:MM:SS")," ","0")

It wasn’t originally another thread. I moved that post to this one, because this one is in the Panorama X Beta 10.2 category, and the thread I moved it from was in the Panorama “Classic” category. Panorama 6 doesn’t give you that leading space, so the formula would be useless in that context.