Time Lapse maintenance

Should I be occasionally emptying my Application Support TimeLapse folder? I don’t see any sign that its contents ever go away, so it just builds up with copies of my databases.

In the Time Lapse Setup menu there is a global preferences dialog that allows you to specify how many copies of a database Panorama will keep at different ages. The default settings are pretty high so the TimeLapse folder does tend to get quite large. You can also override these settings for a specific database, if you want more or less copies than usual for some reason.

You can also use the TimeLapse menu to manually delete a specific “slice”, or all slices earlier than a specific date. This is for a single database, there is no way to manually delete older slices for all databases.

Matt, the Time Lapse feature is Panorama 6 only.
Jim has already explained where to change the Time Lapse settings for each database.

The version backups of Pan X are TimeMachine based.

Oh, I just noticed that the topic for the thread is Panorama X. Matt, I think maybe you are not even using Panorama 6 any more? In that case, you might want to just empty the folder. Panorama only prunes older slices as new ones are saved. If you aren’t using Panorama 6, then the TimeLapse folder is just going to sit there.

Thanks, guys, that’s exactly what I wanted to know! m.