This number does not contain any digits

Tabbing from one field to another, I am getting ‘This number does not contain any digits, and will be treated as zero. Click ignore to use anyway, or Re-edit to re-edit the number.’

There is a procedure designed to be run when the field is left but that procedure runs fine if I just hit enter on the field. If I use Tab to close the field, run the procedure, and move to the next field, then the error occurs.


I am guessing that this error message is another way of saying ‘Corrupted’?

No, it is saying that you have entered a value that is greater than the largest possible 32 bit value. The value cannot be stored, so Panorama is asking you to enter a number that will fit. It’s the same idea as if you tried to enter a date of 99/1/2018 (months must be from 1-12).

I don’t remember what the “This number does not contain any digits” message is, but since it is offering you the option to re-edit, it must be similar. Were there any non-numeric digits, for example letters or punctuation? Ok, yes, I just verified that is what that message means. If you try to enter the letter “a” into an integer field, you’ll see this message.

The problem was that it was happening not when entering data, but tabbing from field to field. And on the Data Sheet as well. I 'Fill’ed every numeric field with “” so that there is nothing but a Name field, and 2 date fields and the problem remained.

I’ve been working with my son showing him the benefits of a database as he has been running his business from QuickBooks and Excel and he loves Panorama’s abilities. It was just embarrassing having to rebuild what we’d done through the day. Fortunately, Exporting data, recreating a db based on what we did previously design, copy / pasting the form and procedure, and importing our data got us going again.