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I added a rich text text display object to my server connected databases with a formula

ignore(?(info("serverconnection")=-1,"<color:107F01>Connected","<color:FB0106>Not Connected"),fgdummy)

And a procedure that says:

showvariables fgdummy
if info("serverconnection")=0 
	nsnotify "server ok","sound","tink"

Then I can click it any time to confirm the server connection.

This already looks like a very “chatty“ category … let’s see if I can contribute. :crazy_face:

Up and running at this end.

In an office environment, one may want to share some databases with only certain people, and others with everyone. I came up with one approach that I think would work. Here is my illustration:

It’s not possible to run multiple Panorama X servers on a single computer, and it’s not possible to have more than one Panorama account at a time on a single computer.

You might be able to do this via virtualization, i.e. Parallels or VMWare. This essentially let you turn one computer into multiple computers. But that still wouldn’t give you “overlapping” accounts.

How do I tell if a database is shared?
In Pano6, we had “DBShared()” … is there an equivalent for PanoX?

Ok, forgot that function. It will be added. For now you can use dbinfo(“shared”,"") to do the same thing. I also need to document all the various new options to the dbinfo( function.

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