Thinking ahead on changing computer and how to get license to transfer smoothly

Hello Pano Forum,

I just joined this forum from the old forum which I noticed was disappearing. I am about to change computers and remembered that the last few times I did this I got that infernal screen every time I tried to save my databases – the one where all the blue letters have to be chosen out of a piece of text. I wanted to actually plan ahead this time and have this taken care of before I change computers, but it’s been years and I can’t remember how to do this. I am using Panorama version 5.5.2.

Thanks in advance,


This isn’t really something you can take care of before you change computers. When you do change computers, you need to first deactivate your serial number on the old machine, then activate it on the new computer. It’s normally pretty straightforward.

You mention that you are about to change computers – please keep in mind that Panorama 5.5.2 will not run on anything newer that OS X 10.6. So if your new computer is actually new, or even anything newer than 2012, you won’t be able to continue using Panorama 5.5.

Thanks - Though it’s been like six years. I have no idea how to
deactivate & activate or where my serial number is. I just want to
hit the ground running when I get to the other side. That’s on a New
OLD computer.

I’ll upgrade to a newer Panorama once I get the new computer up and
running and all the bugs ironed out. Probably after the total