The gosheet statement should be recognised

It would make Panorama 6.0 to Panorama X conversion much easier if the gosheet statement could be recognised as synonymous with opensheet.

I have sometimes felt the same way, but because Panorama X does not exchange windows or close windows automatically, perhaps it is best if we have to go back and change our procedures to avoid window proliferation.

My plea was prompted by replacg about a hundred of them in a very large number of procedures belonging to a fellow Panoramist.

There is still no change with conversion of this statement. Is there a reason why it can’t be done?

Michael, why not write a custom statement if there are that many gosheet statements. Or else you could write a global spelling changer, as I seem to recall that Gary did for an early iteration of Panorama.

I’ve contemplated this but then I think that my days of converting databases with lots of lengthy procedures Panorama 6.0 to Panorama X - until the next one jumps up and bites me.

But you’re right - next time, I promise. Although it would be a lot easier if Jim did it - it’s not as if he’s got a lot to do :slight_smile:

It might be easier in Panorama X due to the blueprints.

I’ve not done this on purpose. The opensheet command is not really equivalent to gosheet, so I think it is best if the database developer reviews each instance and decides how to handle it. Since it now generates an error, that makes it easy to find each instance.

This topic has been covered before. In Cocoa the structure of a window is set up when it is opened, Cocoa does not provide a way to switch a window from one structure to another after the window is open (for example flipping from a form to a data sheet). I’m sure there is probably some fancy undocumented way to do it, but it is not the normal way, would take a lot of research to figure it out, and then might well be bug prone and/or not work in future releases of macOS.