TextListObject breaks after DB file duplicate on desktop

I duplicated a Pan X database file on the desktop. Upon opening the new file, I noticed the TextListObject on a form did not display at all. The problem is the object is looking for the old file name and not the new file name. The new file name is under the pop-up button in the custom attributes property pane for the object. Selecting the new database name corrects the problem. Sometimes the “~” will be selected for the database name, sometimes not.

Two identical TextListObjects on the same form result in different databases shown in the pop-up button.

The solution for this problem is to select ~ as the file name. Panorama will automatically convert ~ into the current database name, so even if you copy or rename the file, it will still work. The only time you would not want to use ~ is if the object is linked to a different database.

Was your database originally a Panorama 6 database? My recollection is that Panorama 6 did not have the ~ option, so this would always be a problem when copying or renaming a database. When you convert from Panorama 6 to Panorama X it won’t automatically convert the filename to ~ for existing objects, you have to do that manually. However, when you create a new Text List object it automatically defaults to ~.

Yes, this was originally a Panorama 6 database; however, I resigned the Scrolling List SuperObject using the TextListObject. On the redesign, the database to scan was set to the database name and not ~. In Panorama 6, the Scrolling List SuperObject did not use ~ but used the equivalent “Current Database.”

Whoops, there’s a bug there. When converting the database from 6 to X it should convert the scan database name from <Current Database> to ~. I have just fixed this so that it now does exactly that.