TextList not linking to database record if the first record is selected

I have a form with a text list on top and individual text editor objects on the bottom half. The text list has Database Navigator enabled, so I expect that the record I select in the text list will be shown in the data fields on the bottom half. Under one condition, Database Navigator does not work and the record selected in the text list is NOT the active record. This occurs on this form when one and only one line is showing in the text list. The attached screen shot shows this condition. The text list has a query entered, “exportline() contains fgwoord”; fgwoord is the variable holding the search term that the user enters. If the search results in two or more lines in the text list, then clicking on a line OTHER THAN THE FIRST LINE causes that record to be selected. If multiple rows are showing, one can click any line after the first one to jump to that record, and then click the first line to jump to that record.