Text toolbar in Graphics Mode

From time to time, a toolbar activates in Graphics Mode with menus to control text styles and alignments. Sometimes it shows up when I activate Rich Text, sometimes when I de-activate it, usually not at all. It may show up when I click on the Procedure tab, etc. It goes away under similarly unclear circumstances.

When it is active, it doesn’t seem to have any influence whatsoever. Is this an unintended anomaly in Graphics Mode or does it have some purpose?

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 9.44.01 AM

It’s an unintended anomaly. This is a built-in Apple feature for editing styled text that Panorama doesn’t use at the moment. If you want to see how it is supposed to work look at Apple’s Text Edit application. But occasionally it shows up unbidden in Panorama in Graphics Mode. In early betas (several years ago) it came up even more often, and I figured out a hack to mostly supress it. But I have never figured out why it comes up when it isn’t supposed to, nor have I figured out how to reliably keep it completely off. This is a documented Apple feature that I as a programmer am supposed to be able to enable and disable on command. But though I have set up everything to disable it as far as I can read Apple’s documentation, as you have seen it sometimes appears anyway. Usually flipping to Data Mode and back will get rid of it.

I’ve never noticed that correlation, and I believe the problem pre-dates Rich Text being added to Panorama, so I don’t think that’s it.

Yup, which makes it very difficult to diagnose (so far impossible to diagnose). But I definitely see this occasionally myself. I think there is a BitBucket issue about this with a very low number.

Minor, minor issue, but I finally noticed that it’s when resizing a window in Graphics Mode that the toolbar shows up.

Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate the problem in that situation. On the other hand, I have been seeing this more lately, and I still have no clue why. I would really like to clear this up.