Text Snippets Expansion

Does Panorama support the use of 3rd party text expansion (Text Expander?) within Text Editor Objects?

TypeIt4Me works very well within PanX.

I don’t know of any reason why it wouldn’t, and no one has ever reported a problem with this. On the Mac, programs don’t really need to do anything to support programs like this, they patch the operating system so should work with just about anything (on iOS it’s a completely different story, since the operating system can’t be patched).

For what it’s worth, I use Keyboard Maestro with no problems.

I know Keyboard Maestro as well, and here is another one: Typinator.

But you can have the text expansion feature already with macOS alone: in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.

I’ll bet Doug already uses Text Expander and isn’t looking for another solution. And I’m pretty sure Text Expander will work for him with Panorama X. Doug if you try it, please report back the results :slight_smile:

Using System Text Replacement (System Preferences: Keyboard: Text) within PanoramaX is not comprehensive. It only works in data entry (or editing) in two locations: the DataSheet or a Label in Graphics Mode. Using commercial text snippet software (tested Text Expander, TypeIt4Me, Typinator & Keyboard Maestro) text can be replaced in the DataSheet, Procedures, Graphics:TDO, Graphics:Label, Graphics:TEO & Data:TEO.

System Text Replacement also works in a Text Editor object, but only IF you enable the Symbol & Text Substitution option for that object.