Text List with Selected Records Only

Building a Text List via the automated Text List Constructor with Navigator gives me exactly what I want with the only exception being that it lists all records, not just the selected records as I want it to do.

I can build it using a formula with ArraySelectedBuild(, then manually make all the settings. It’s a lot of work to get it all set just right when the constructor handles it so quickly and easily. In this case though, the Database Navigator crashes Panorama when a line is selected, so I have to add a procedure to find the highlighted record. Actually, trying to select the Database for the Navigator fails too, with a perpetual beachball.

Am I overlooking some simple option in using the Constructor to use just the selected records?

Can’t you simply put info(“visible”) in the Query box?

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Gary, should I just bypass this forum and write directly to you?

Yes, that appears to work. My “solutions”, which included the Query, were far more complex and failed. In spite of reading everything I could find about it, I failed to fully understand how the Query is applied and was too heavy handed.

I know a thing or two about a thing or two but not a whole lot about everything. Better rely on the forum.

Better to write to the forum so that everyone can benefit from Gary’s wisdom!