Text List Select

I have a Text List Object set up for two columns as follows: @RMANwidth:75@«New Org Name». The Option settings are: Value is a variable: “thenumis”, Database is set to: ~, Database Navigator is unchecked, and sorting is set to “No duplicates”. The reason I set to no duplicates is because I want the list to show only one entry for each 4 digit RMAN number along with the departments name. Each RMAN/department has multiple records ranging from 15 to 40 records per RMAN/department. There are 260 RMAN/departments in the database. When scrolling the list I would like to click on one RMAN number and have the database select all records associated with that department. Is this possible? Here’s my procedure code so far:

alertsheet “Would you like to select the records for RMAN “+tabarray(thenumis,1)+”?”,“button”,“Yes”,“button”,“No”
If info(“dialogtrigger”)= “No” Stop endif
If info(“dialogtrigger”)= “Yes”
Select «RMAN» contains thenumis
setwindow 80,10,750,1060,""
OpenForm “DepartmentListing”,“Toolbar”,false()

The procedure above shows the alert with the correct “RMAN” number that was clicked - but when I click Yes it opens the “DepartmentListing” form with ALL 5,346 records for ALL departments, not just the records for the department RMAN that was clicked. I can do what I want in a Text Editor Object using an ArraySelectedBuild and highlighting the RMAN number - but I like the alternating row background colors and the horizontal, vertical solid grid of the Text list. I can also do what I want by just listing the RMAN number with no duplicates, but it’s good to also show the department name in a second column. Thanks, Dusty

Never mind, I changed the the Select statement to: “Select «RMAN» contains tabarray(thenumis,1)”. I originally thought the tabarray would have stayed with my first variable use - it now works like I want it to. :grinning:

Sorry, one more comment and something I learned about the text list and the way I am using it as described above. I noticed that in one of my databases not ALL of my RMAN numbers/departments showed up in the list. But when I went to another database, one with lots more records, I noticed only about 1/4 of my RMAN numbers/Departments showed up in the list.

So I looked at the Blueprint for the text list object and found that when I created it, I saw the following “$TextListMaxCellCount”,“5000” in both databases.

The Retention Schedule database has: 133 Fields, 5,364 Records, 17.3MB Data
So I made the following change: “$TextListMaxCellCount”,“7000”

The Disposition database has: 86 Fields, 57,600 Records, 21.4MB Data
So I made the following change: “$TextListMaxCellCount”,“60000”

All my RMANs/Departments now show in the Text List for both databases.