Text List Searching problem

I tried following the instructions in “Text List Searching” in the help file, but my list just shows

No value for import( function.

I then used the Text List Constructor on another form to get a working example. I noticed now the query contains a different formula, using exportcell( which I can see matches the formula that was auto-generated for the Text List object.

My hand-built object has no formula, since none was given in the instructions. I placed two fields in the multiple columns box, with @ signs. Database Navigator is off.

Is there something else I need to do?

The Text List Searching help page only shows how to set up the search options of the text list. That page doesn’t say anything about how to set up the other options necessary for a Text List.

There are eight help pages for Text List objects. That’s a lot of different instructions covering various scenarios. Simply saying you followed “the instructions” doesn’t really tell us much, there are many different instructions. It would be more helpful to show us what you actually did. Perhaps screenshots of the property panels for the Text List object – the Options and Formula panels.

However, I can see that there is an oversight on the Text List Searching page. The instructions about using the import() function only apply when no database is specified. In that case, the object is searching the array generated by the formula panel, and the import() function is used for that. But if you have specified a database, you are searching a database, and the Query formula must use database fields, or the exportline() function. This is what the Text List Constructor is doing. I believe this was covered in the Text List Objects video training session, which can be purchased or rented. But the written documentation should also mention this. Update: Actually, this topic is covered in detail on the Text List Database Integration page. But there should at least be a reference to this on the Text List Searching page. I have made a note to change this. It sounds like you have linked the Text List to a database, so I think you need to look at the instructions on the Text List Database Integration page.