Text List Query

New to Panorama X and trying to set up a Text List of fields of a database “Y” on a form corresponding to database “X”. I would like to restrict which records appear via a query.

dateFromY = dateFromX gives an error stating field or variable “dateFromX” is not recognized. Nor is «dateFromX» or ««dateFromX»».

How is this done? the Database field of the Text List is set to database “Y”.

Thank you.

Have you reviewed this help page? It doesn’t answer your specific question but you definitely need to be familiar with the material on this page before tackling this.

Are these field names? If so, I’m guessing they are in different databases. You can’t mix fields from different databases in a formula. Since your Text List is set to database “Y”, only fields from “Y” can be used in the formula.

To reference a field in the current record in another database, use the fieldvalue( function.

So I think the formula you may want is

dateFromY = fieldvalue("X",dateFromX)

Works, thanks!