Text list only displaying partial records

I converted a Panoram 6 database to Panorama X with several text lists. One of them displays all the names in the database. It’s set to display the names from the current database with no duplicates. It only displays the names from A-L. I thought it may not have converted properly, so I made a new text list. It still only displays names from A-L.

I changed the formula pane from LastName to Artist and it seems to display all the records except that they are not sorted alphabetically. In Panoram 6 you could assign both “Sort Up” and “No Duplicates” to a text list. In Pan X, it seems you can only apply one or the other. Am I missing something

The No Duplicates option has always sorted as well. So that option could really be named Sort Up & No Duplicates. There has never been an option that would show no duplicates but not sort the list. The Panorama X user interface reflects that reality.

That must be a separate issue, can’t explain that from the limited information provided.

Thanks Jim but, what more information do you need? The text list is set to : Database = ~, No Duplicates and the Formula is set to LastName, Click/Release is checked. Size is Default. When a name is clicked, a procedure is called. That’s it. There are last names from A to Z but only A-L are being displayed.

I just realized, all of the Artists are not being displayed either.

Just checking, but how many records are there? Text Lists by default display a maximum 5,000 records, but can be increased in the Blueprint.

Interesting. There are 8740 records, however, with no duplicates, the text list should not be displaying anywhere near that many.

You may have something there. Just before I saw your email, I thought there may be something wrong with the data. I imported an older version that only had 169 records. Everything was groovy. I exported and imported the 8741 records, which should eliminate any bad records, and the text list only displaying a limited set of names again. I’ll look into figuring out how to change that in the blueprint.

Thank you.

Oops, no need. Exporting and importing the data seems to have done the trick.

It’s 8:44 and I haven’t had dinner yet. Should have stopped a long time ago. I set the max cell display to 10,000 and all artists are being displayed. Thank you Tom.