Text List Object: variable row height

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a Text List Object (or maybe a Matrix?) with variable height rows?

I’d like the width of the object to remain content, but if a "cell’ has more data than will fit, the whole line increases in height to accommodate all the data.

So, the resulting display would have rows that may have different heights, depending on the data displayed within the cells.

This would also mean that, as the user adjusts column widths, the row heights could be affected.

Something like this. (Yeah … “stick” art at its best … :slightly_smiling_face:)

   |C1    |C2   |C3
    ------ ----- ------------------------
R1 |r1 c1 |r1 c2|r1 c3 is really long    |
   |      |     |and causes this row     |
   |      |     |to be taller            |
    ------ ----- ------------------------
R2 |r2 c1 |r2 c2|r2 c3 short text        |
    ------ ----- ------------------------
R3 |r3 c1 |r3 c2|r3 c3                   |
   |extra |     |                        |
    ------ ----- ------------------------
R4 |r4 c1 |r4 c2|r4 c3 is really long    |
   |extra |     |and causes this row     |
   |      |     |to be taller            |
    ------ ----- ------------------------

Wow, you went to a lot of trouble to make this post. So I’m sorry to tell you that no, variable height is not possible.

Bummer. :cry:
(Not surprised … :upside_down_face:)

It is possible to achieve variable height using a web browser object and html.

Now that is an interesting suggestion. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: