Text List Not Showing All Records

Is there some limitation on how many records a Text List can display?
It seems to be limited to 5,000 records.

I have a database of 38,000 names with a Text List set to display selected fields. Typically only sets of records are selected and displayed with the Query formula of info(“Visible”) and in most cases that’s fine

When All records are selected, the list only gets to the B’s and stops. If I select roughly half of them, it again runs short on what it displays.

This value can only be changed in the blueprint for the Text List Object.

In previous discussions it was noted that increasing this may slow down the list to a great degree and produce the annoying spinning beach ball when scrolling.

I did search before posting but apparently missed this one. A slow-down would be expected. I’ll add a note below the Text List Object indicating a maximum of 5,000 records can be displayed. At least end users won’t repeat my own experience of trying to figure out why it seems incomplete.

I have a database with zip code information that contains 42,000 records. (Only 5 fields). When displaying the entire database in a text list, searches in a search box (generated by the Text List Wizard) are nearly instantaneous. (With a fast computer.) When I populate a text list with the same data as an array, the search might be a tiny bit faster, but both are so fast that a user would barely notice how long they take.

But when the database has a lot of fields, the search will slow down a lot when using a text list populated directly with the data. Then using an array to populate the text list provides much faster search performance.