Text List Kinks

I’m not opening my Xmas presents until I have something resembling my previous View-as-Lists. So far I’ve got text list which displays my data, and the next step is a single-record form for data entry/updating on the record selected in the text list. In the meantime I have a text list which ignores font changes in its properties pane, and which for a single up/down with the arrow keys in data mode, jumps two records instead of one.

Any Hints? TIA


If you want to use a Text List with custom fonts, you must select the Custom size in the Appearance options. Otherwise it will always use the default system font and size.

You cannot use a Text List with the Database Navigator option when you have the Data Sheet window open. Closing the Data Sheet will fix this problem. In fact, this also applies to multiple Text Lists and also View-As-List windows. You can only have one user interface element that controls the list of records. If there is more than one, they fight each other.

Many thanks! I’m sentimental about the Tekton font I bought some 40 years ago

The navigate issue did solve itself when I closed the Sheet to cut down on window-clutter. The next problem is that when changing a record’s data in the data entry form, the text list doesn’t refresh itself. So I’ll breeze through the help file for that.

Other than that, this user interface is pretty slick.