Text List Database & Print Questions


Is it possible to set the query for the text list so that it displays the records selected in the database? - or will this stay the domain of View As List forms? I do lots of searches on different parameters - e.g. what paddock cattle are in, what age they are, who has calved etc - it changes all the time. I’ve figured out how to set up 3 alternative/combined searches on the same text list - which makes for a very crowded query box, but also requires me to manually think what search fields will give the information I require. Also, once I have found the group of animals I am interested in, I often want to do something to them as a group - move them to another paddock, vaccinate them, sell them etc. However the programming for these procedures, or even to “select” them as a group, will work on the database selection at the time, not the group I am seeing in my list. (I haven’t started looking at view as list forms in Panorama X, but gathered that they were being largely superseded by text lists???)(I’m also thinking that I can use a programme to set the variables nominated in the text list query box, but thought I’d see what the answer to my initial question is before going down this alternative path).

Also, are text lists meant to be printed? When I try to print a text list at present, it prints a screenshot of the list, and makes as many copies (of the exact same page), the number of times of the records currently selected in the database. (So, if the text list has 100 records selected and the database has 900 records selected, I see the number of records that fit on the first screen of the list printed 900 times!).


PS Really enjoying the improved stability of the recent releases - congratulations!!

  1. info(“visible”) is the function you want to include in your Text List object query formula if you only want to include selected records.

  2. Also, as you have observed, a Text List is generally not a good fit with a printed report. Better to design a separate form (using tiles, etc) to make a nice looking printed report.

Thankyou. Can I do the reverse? (i.e., can I get the database to show only the data selected in the text list?)

Not directly. You’ll need to execute a ‘select’ that recapitulates the same logic as your text list query.

Of course, you can ask the Text List what it’s query formula is, and then use that with the select statement.

I don’t know if you have access to the Form Object Programming video, but it explains the basic techniques needed to do this (though it doesn’t show this exact example).

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