Text List Data Not Printing

This may be a printer problem, or how PanX is sending info to the printer. I just tried printing on an older printer and everything printed correctly.

I have a form I have been using for a couple of years since converting to PanX. It contains a text list. It has worked fine until this week. Now the data in the text list is not printing. The Text List box is printing, as is the header info, just not the data.
The info shows correctly in the report, the printer preview window, and if I print to PDF. However, if I print the PDF, the data disappears.
All other info on the report prints fine. Everything is just B&W.
Now I’ve just noticed, if I Iook at the printed page at just the right angle with enough light I can just see the existence of the data on the gray bars of the grid. Look like very light smudges at first glance. No trace on the white bars.
All of the other text printing fine. I did upgrade the driver recently (Canon 644C series) if anyone has heard about that causing trouble or has seen this problem elsewhere.

Just guessing: I would check the font settings of the Text List object.

#System font, like all the other fonts on the page.

FWIW, a screen shot of the report does show the the Text List object data.

I also tried another report with a Text List object and got the same result missing data result.

Suspecting more that this is a printer driver problem. Trying to think of a way to replicate it in another app.