Text List crashes PanX

Really like the Text List but running into a little problem:
when I choose “Sort Up” or “No Duplicates” PanX will go down. This happens when I use data from another database as well as from the main database. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong.

As an extension of my earlier post: In “Text List Options”, what is the “Database Navigator”? When this is not checked I can select “No Duplicates” or “Sort Up” without crash but I get an alert from PanX saying “Field or Variable [qΩ] doesn’t exist”.

There is no procedure/code in my Text List. What is asking for [qΩ]? In my database I have 15 line items, one of them is q1…q15 and qΩ is used in various procedures but none that should run when I open this “Text List” which is in it’s own form.

See “Linking the List to the Database Current Record” in this help topic.

I also highly recommend this video, though it is not free.