Text is always aligned left

I have been trying to work with the schedule database that I sent in, and I am having the same problem that I have had with other databases, that changing the alignment of text does not do anything. Everything is aligned left, whether I have left, center, or right selected.

Are we talking about the data sheet? some sort of graphics object? In general text alignment does work, so there is something specific and additional details will be needed to diagnose.

It is in the Schedule 18 database that I sent you, Large Schedule A Fall form (or B). I am trying to get the team number to be centered after reducing the size to 18 pt. All the single digit numbers are aligned left, no matter what I do. Unlike some of the other anomalies, this does not correct itself in the print preview.

I was looking at this again in another database, where I am looking at the market capitalization of stocks. The Text Display box is always aligned left, no matter what I change: alignment, size, font. This is rather irritating, as it makes it difficult to distinguish billions from millions. This was something I added since converting the file from Panorama 6. So it seems to happen sometimes, but not always.

Here is a screenshot I took of your database on my computer, the team numbers are centered.

I’ve never seen a problem with centering text in a text display object, and no one else has reported it. So I think we need to start thinking about what might be different on your system.

Okay, I found the problem. I did a comparison of Blueprints between a form which was working correctly and one where it was not. The difference was with the Word Wrap. If it is set to Don’t Wrap, then the justification is always left. This came up because the font sizes are different, or because there are some big numbers if you are looking at, say Apple’s capitalization. If the box is too small, it wraps, so my natural inclination is to set it so it does not wrap. But that disables the justification choices.

You are correct – the Don’t Wrap option is not compatible with alignment options. I’m a bit puzzled though, because I checked the Panorama 6 database you sent me, and the objects did not have the Don’t Wrap option enabled.

It was a change that I made later. The original form with the converted font did not show both digits if there were two, and I tried changing it to Don’t Wrap to see if that would keep the digits together. I ended up reducing the size of the font, but I did not change it back to Word Wrap.

So is this a bug, or is it something that we need to be aware of? It is not what I would expect.

I guess it could be considered a bug, but I’m not going to, so I guess it is something you need to be aware of. I tested Panorama 6, and centering also doesn’t work with Don’t Wrap, though in a slightly different way. It does center if the text will fit, but if it doesn’t fit, the text disappears completely. Which is probably even worse than what Panorama X does.

I’m using Apple’s code to do the centering. It doesn’t center if the Don’t Wrap option is on. I guess I could automatically disabled Don’t Wrap if the alignment is center or right, but then it would word wrap, and that would also be another minor bug. So I think I’ll just leave it be.

Is it possible to have Don’t Wrap set justification to left and gray it out, so one knows it cannot be changed?