Text in field showing following lines erroneously

Hi, The text showing in a field has the text that is in carriage returned lines below it—showing up erroneously in the first line tagged onto the end of whatever data is supposed to be in the first line.
This is when the field has not been double-clicked on yet. When the field is double-clicked on, then the CR’ed data no longer is seen in the first line but appears properly below the first line of date.

For example, if the first line of text contains "cat"
and the second line of text contains "dog"
what I see in the database is "catdog"
until I double click that data cell, then I correctly see “cat” on the first line and “dog” on the second line.
How do I stop “catdog” from showing in the database cell?
Thanks, Tom

I’ve never seen that. If you have a database you could send me that demonstrates this I will take a look at it.

Hi Jim, How do I attach file? Only allowing jpeg, gif, etc.
Thanks, Tom

Just email it to me directly.