Text Funnel with multiple characters crashes

A bit of forgetfullness caused me to think that I could use a Text Funnel with multiple characters. The following repeatedly crashed Panorama X. I’ll wait for more info before sending to BitBucket.

LArrayTimeSlots = LArrayTimeSlots["</layout-key>",-1]

I think you can get what you want with

LArrayTimeSlots = sandwich("</layout-key>", after(LArrayTimeSlots, "</layout-key>"), "")

assuming you want to include the tag in the resulting string. If you don’t, you don’t need the sandwich.

The text funnel thinks you are trying to match using a range, for example A-Z. But the range you have supplied is sending it into a tizzy. Your system submitted a crash report that shows me exactly where the problem is, so this should be fixed soon. In the meantime, Dave’s solution is probably the simplest one.