Text Funnel Using a dash as a starting point

I am experiencing a problem with a text funnel that does not work in PanX but worked well in Pan6. Here is an example in Pan6:

X = “1101-1500”
X["-", -1][2,-1] => “1500”

The same example is PanX yields a null value.

I must be doing something wrong or maybe my memory of how Pan6 works is clouded.

Your memory is accurate. In Pan 6 it produces “1500” but in Panorama X a null as you have indicated. If you grab the text from the reverse direction using a double dash it works in Panorama X:


Or you could treat it as an array and use:


Evidently Panorama X is not treating the quoted single dash as a character but as a minus indicator.

I confirm: There seems to be an issue with the dash. If you replace the dash e.g. with a m-dash, you get the expected result.

If it needs to be the first dash, when there might be more, you can make the dash one of a choice of characters.

Looks like this is a bug, I’ve added it to the list.

Using a text funnel this way is a technique from Panorama 2, it should still work (and it will be fixed) but there are definitely better ways to do this in newer versions of Panorama, including the array( and after( functions. (And when I say “newer”, these functions are actually 20-25 years old.) I would recommend switching to one of these methods.