Text Editors not working in view-as-list

I have a view as list form containing text display, text editors, and buttons. The buttons and text displays work fine, but the editors will only display text but won’t edit it. Clicking on the editor produces nothing. The editor rectangles are all totally within the display tile.

I’ve made a second form with a matrix containing the same elements, and that isn’t working either. I can edit text in the editor on the matrix tile but not on the editors in the matrix cells themselves. When i click on a matrix cell, a different cell is selected, and the matrix display is shifted by one or two elements.

This is documented, and I do not expect to get this feature working in Panorama X. You’ll need to use a separate form to edit data.

Are you just saying that view-as-list forms can’t contain editable objects, or are you also saying that this is true of matrices as well? That’s what I seem to be finding.

Also, when I click on an item in either a text list or a matrix, that item does not get highlighted as it does in the Roadmap Video. Instead, Instead, a different item a number of lines away highlights, and sometime, the list repositions itself by several lines. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Editable objects won’t work in either view-as-list forms or matrix objects.

I don’t know why that is happening. Does clicking on the list or matrix trigger some sort of procedure that might be doing this?

I don’t know what the problem was but it’s working now. I had been playing with form variations to try to get what I wanted and apparently one of them caused the highlighting problem, because it went away when I threw them away.