Text editors, linked to variables instead of fields

In my Gradebook database, some info such as Instructor and Instructor info, is stored in variables, rather than fields to avoid repetition. If a text editor object is linked to a field, updating the field automatically updates the text editor display, but if the text editor is linked to a variable, updating the variable does not update the text editor display… until the form is switched to Graphics mode and back once. I can work around this failure by inserting temporary fields in between the variable and the text editor, but there SHOULD be an easier solution, I think. Is there?

It should update if after changing the variable you issue a showvariables myvariable statement.

I just tried Gary’s suggestion, and it worked.

Yep. Works like a charm now. THANKS!

BTW, showvariables works exactly the same in both Panorama 6 and X.