Text Editor options blank

This is a recurring royal pain, sorry Jim but I’m once again frustrated. When editing a form and I click on a text editor object and then select the “Text Editor Options” window pane it’s blank. I switch databases, I click on different objects, all in vain. My only recourse is to save the database, close it, then reopen and I get the options back. Make a change here or there and poof, they disappear again. It’s very frustrating!

I seem to remember seeing others with this problem also. Is there a fix or will there be?

The easiest workaround for this graphical glitch is to hide the properties panel and then to activate it again.

I don’t recall if I tried that, I’ll see if that helps next time it happens, thanks.

OK here’s what happens: If you close the panel clicking the icon in the upper right it doesn’t resolve when “unhiding” it. However, if I use the “Toggle Accessory Panel” submenu (Windows:Accessory Panel:Toggle accessory panel) it does reinstate the options. Good to know until the bug is fixed.