Text editor object text is replaced pressing Page-Up/Down keys

If the Page-Up of Page-Down keys are pressed when a Text Editor Object is active, the contents of the field are replaced with the data from another record.

I’m running Mojave 10.14.6.

I don’t have a keyboard with Page-Up and Page-Down keys.

However, I figured that there must be some way to invoke this operations on a smaller keyboard. Turns out it’s Function-Up Arrow and Function-Down Arrow.

So, the problem is, Function-Up Arrow and Function-Down Arrow cycle thru field values. It’s part of Clairvoyance. Panorama 6 used to do this with Option-Up-Arrow and Option-Down-Arrow, but macOS no longer allows those keys to be used.

To fix this, I have disabled this Clairvoyance feature if the Text Editor object has a scroll bar. I think this is pretty reasonable. And actually, I think it’s kind of cool that Page-Up/Page-Down now triggers this Clairovoyance value cycling feature, but only if there is no scroll bar.

This fix will be in b27,