Text Editor Object Background

Running Panorama X 10.2.0.b34 (4398).

I was struggling to discover how to set a background colour for a Text Editor Object. I was looking in the Properties Appearance tab where I thought it should logically be. I eventually discovered it as an option in the Text tab; Bkgnd.

The Bkgnd field only allows you to insert a hex code. The Color option in the Appearance tab allows you to enter a hex code or use a colour picker which is more convenient.

The Bkgnd in the Text tab isn’t documented in the Object Inspector Panel help.

In any case, as previously mentioned, I think Bkgnd would more logically be placed in the Appearance tab where you set the colour of the text.

Here is the help page for this feature.

It’s pretty easy to find by searching for background. There are also links to this page from both the Text Editor Object and Text Display Object pages.

The color option in the Appearance panel sets the color of ALL types of objects, not just text objects.

Like fonts, the background color is only applicable for text objects - Text Editor and Text Display objects. So that’s why this option is in the Text panel instead of the Appearance panel.

This is because the background isn’t limited to a color - it can also be a bezel or a gradient. Bezels and gradients aren’t available from the color picker, so the picker interface couldn’t be used here.

Thanks for the comprehensive answer; very useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I was led astray because the Bkgnd field is missed off (not shown) in the documentation for the Object Inspector Panel help, which is where I went when I discovered the field (as it was in that panel).

This is true.

The Bkgnd color feature is relatively new, it was added a year or two ago. ProVUE doesn’t have the resources to go thru the entire documentation and re-do every screen shot when there is a minor change to the user interface. If the screenshot is material to the topic then it will be redone, but the Object Inspector Panel help page is more of a general overview page, not intended to describe the panel in detail.