Text Editor continues to blink an insertion point

I am having issues with the Text Editor object. It continue to blink an insertion point even while I have other text boxes active and receiving text. The object also does not seem to respect a minimum height which causes me to undesirably sometimes have entering text wrap to a 2nd line when I want only 1 line of entry.


Perhaps you could describe your situation with more detail?

Panorama X does allow more than one text box to be active. However, only one text box can be active per window, and only the text box in the topmost window will have a blinking insertion point.

The blinking insertion point is actually driven by Apple’s code. As far as I can see there can be only one blinking insertion point on your computer at a time. It doesn’t matter what application you are running, there can be only one blinking insertion point.

Huh? There is no such feature as a minimum height for an object. You can set a minimum window height, is that what you are referring to?

You can set the line breaks to Don’t Wrap.

CleanShot 2024-02-22 at 15.05.48@2x

2 Blinking cursors

See ‘Reference Fig:’ box and ‘Page’ box.

Re object height. It used to be that I could drag a text box up and it would always then bounce back to the minimum height that 1 line of text would represent, thus ensuring that my text boxes were not going to accidentally allow a text wrap to a 2nd line. Now I can drag the size of a text box shorter than a full line of text and that only causes more work to find that sweet spot where it is 1 line of text high.

I’ve always found it to be a big help to have text in any text object as I adjust it. Using text with Caps and ascenders always ensures that my line heights are exactly right for as many lines of text as I intend to allow.

For multi-line text boxes, that is a method that does ensure that we get the look and feel that we need. But for those times that we want a single line, it was always handy to have the ability to drag all the way too small and have the text box then snap back to the single line height as we never want less than a single line height.

I can’t imagine how this could happen. I would like to investigate this further, to do that I will need a copy of the database, and an exact description of how you got it into this state. What happens if you press a key at this point? Does it go into Reference Fig, Page, or neither?