Text Editor: Closing programmatically

I have multiple text editor objects on a form, all of them using variables. I’m trying to close them programmatically using

objectaction "objectName", "Close", ""

which is not working. The Panorama 6 Formulas and Programming PDF (pg 670) lists the “Close” method that should make this happen. I understand that not every object method in Pano 6 is present in Pano X.

Can objectaction close a text editor? If so, what is the format of the command? If not, what strategy can I use to close a text editor object programmatically?

You have the correct method for closing them. The extra ,"" on the end is not necessary, but it shouldn’t hurt anything either, it would just be ignored.

Instead of targeting a specific object, you can also just close whatever object happens to be open.

activeobjectaction "close"

This is nice because you don’t have to worry about what object is being closed, or even give the object a name.

Or simply use closeactiveobject all by itself.

Thank you! I reviewed my command and realized that I hadn’t named the text editor objects in the form (thought I had, of course).