Text Editor - can't stop editing

I’m having a puzzle with my text editors that I think I have closed and moved away from, but if I type anything it will open up again and start editing, which I might not want or notice.

For example, I click my diagnosis list object and get the diagnosis code. I put it in the text editor by clicking on it and the code runs to assign the diagnosis code to the variable and it updates the text editor. If I then click in a blank spot and seemingly close the editor box, maybe do something else, too, but say inadvertently hit a key or think I’m typing in another place, the last text editor I interacted with will get a focus ring and replace my diagnosis code with new text. Putting a closeactiveobject at the end of the procedure associated with the text editor will not close the object.

Pressing the tab key does terminate the editing. However, if I have the up/down arrow option to terminate the editing selected, they will move to a new record, not stop editing, which is a different and potentially serious problem. Using the enter key will not terminate editing even though it is activated in the Properties panel as well.

Is this supposed to happen or am I missing something?

Have you solved this problem?

This is what I see also, but it seems like a reasonable way to work. If you click outside an active text editor, you haven’t gone anywhere else, the next typed characters will again appear in the object you were just using. You have terminated the editing process, i.e., closed the object.

You could change this behavior by triggering code when you close the text editor (End Editing option), such as objectaction “[some other object]”, “open”.

Regarding the closeactiveobject statement, I think is closing the object, which ensures that the editing is finished, but seems the same as clicking outside an active object being edited.

I have never used the up/down arrow option in Text Editor settings, but it seems to stop editing if you press it once (closes the object), and moves to another record if you press it again. Seems reasonable to me.

The Enter key is not the same as the return key; it is not an option for terminating.

Back to your first statement, it looks like closing the object and 'moving away from it’are two different things. Clicking outside, pressing return (if set to terminate), pressing up/down arrow (if set to terminate), all close the text editor but don’t move to a new object.

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